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Welcome to Horticos



At Horticos, we try to make designs to the best of your needs, expectations and mainly to your budget. As the design is first step to connect you, we create a theme which can enhance your lifestyle and will change the feel where you live. With our experienced architects Horticos will -

1) Design which will give you unique feel.

2) Select plant which add esthetic around the year

3) Hardscape element that fits your pocket

4) Think for provision and best places for Garden Lights

5) Think for places for your kids to play n pets to relax

6) Think for your privacy by planting barriers for sound, noise and sight from outside.



When you appoint us, you will have complete peace of mind that HORTICOS is working for your garden. Because as other contractor we do not sublet your project to lower cost vendors. Thus, Horticos ensure you quality work, always. We use highest quality material in the industry and prefer bio pesticides and organic manure for your plants.



Eco-scape is a concept of ecological landscape that we offer where the optimum resources are used to reduce stress on mother earth. Selection of plants is done based on different criteria like origin, water requirement, usability etc. Such planned gardens have low maintenance as no commercial horticultural practices like training, pruning is followed, hence plant shows its natural growth and characteristic shape. Plants consume less water and support local birds and butterfly’s species of that area. No additional fertilizers and pesticides are required. We are sure that this type of garden will take you more close to nature and keep your home pollution free.



When client come to us in the need of shifting of tree, we initiate a survey for transferability of the tree. As not all trees can withstand transplantation shock we cut off such trees at very first instance. Other factor we study are physiology of tree, age, root system, health, habitat i.e. evergreen or deciduous, present soil strata and many more. We broadly defined process in four categories

1) Escaping root ball

2) Pruning of branches to maintain root: shoot ratio

3) Maintenance till white root forms

4) Final lift and shift

Each of the above category needs specific time frame. Unlike other competitors we don't just uproot the single trunk but we try to maintain shape of the tree. We provide enough time to store food material in the trunk to withstand transplantation shock. Maintenance period varies from 30 to 120 days during which we force tree to generate white roots. Our customized chemical formula does the miracle for us and we assure you maximum survival rate that no other offers.


We provide professional, reliable and excellent garden maintenance service. Our turf experts will offer top class work at a decent price. We have created packages as per your garden requirement and budget. These packages contain Basic, Gold and Platinum services. For more details, you can see our packages below.



We build different types of shade structures, walkways, sitting areas and water features. We design structures for your roof gardens, outdoor garden, farm house parks etc. When deciding the hardscape, our designer will know that how frequently the walkways & sitting areas are to be used to determine the size of structures and paths; also, it is important to know the purpose so that to finalize the location in design. With traditional round and curve to modern square option, we have set of material as per your budget and space available. So, it may be wood, tensile fabric, pavers, stamp concrete, rubber surface for kids play or just some natural stones.




Stamped Concrete


Rubber Surface


Shade Structures


If you are an institution, corporate house or residential project and if you want to build top class sport amenities for your students, employees or clients; then you are at right place. Our turf experts will create an excellent sport facility for you either in sand base or soil base, as per your budget. With our associate and ex test match player we build cricket pitch on which you will always love to play. Selection of lawn for a sport is crucial item as different game needs different type of grass material. At Horticos we assure you about the turf quality and suitability as per your requirement. After studying the permeability of planting medium immediate below the turf and further down, we design the subsurface drainage system for your ground so that to avoid ground remain submerged during monsoon. Irrigation system design will ensure to cover every corner of ground. Ultimately Horticos will present you world class playing facility on which you will be proud of.


Tennis Court


Basket Ball




Cricket Ground


To maintain your garden, management of available and required water is the most challenging aspect. While at execution stage also water plays major role in the upkeep of plants. Horticos will help you right from planning stage to determine the soft scape area as per availability of water. Horticos will design irrigation system as per requirement of selected plants species and lawn area. We ensure every drop of water to be utilized by the plants. We study infiltration rate of soil, precipitation rate of water as per the climate of your area, average wind velocity, then after studying the database we select the nozzle type, drip type and proceed for the system installation. As the new technology is coming to the market, we have updated ourselves to serve you better with automation system.

Measures that improve Irrigation.

1) Check Flow sensors and moisture sensors

2) Improved nozzles for drip and sprinklers (to reduce losses due to high wind)

3) Frequent check and upgradation of timers.

4) 2 wire decorder or wireless system.

5) Minimizing leakags.



At Horticos we are frequented by the customers to make the outdoor areas of their homes and Gardens look great. We help our customers to enhance value of their backyard front yard and whole property through illumination. Our lighting and design experts will showcase a strategic lighting for your landscape. We think of necessity, security and privacy here while putting a light fixture in design. Whether you want to illuminate your walkways, highlight specific feature in your garden like vertical wall, water feature, statue or even want to create mood lighting around, we are there to serve you.